Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday October 19

This morning everyone but myself and another lady from the Netherlands left for home. We brought the bus back to Jerusalem and Heather picked us up at the bus station in West Jerusalem. Henrietta from the Netherlands is Mennonite and wanted to speak with Heather & Ryan about the work they are doing here in Palestine. She stayed for about an hour then left for another appointment before returning to Tel Aviv & then home.

The experience with CPT these two weeks is one I would not trade for the world. It has been life changing & I pray I will be obedient as God ask me to tell the Palestinians story to anyone who will listen. We as Christians can no longer be silent about the abuse of other human beings whether they are Christian, Muslim, Jewish or Israeli. If anyone is interested in hearing more details of my journey I will be willing to share it with individuals or groups. My email is

I will be writing more about my additional time here in Palestine and the people I met who continue to change my life.

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